Below, a series of poems titled “Aftershock” written between 2015-2016


No, I will not have mercy on your memory,
I’m gonna hang it around my neck each morning.

Where our names were once worshipped,
no longer the stars and the beasts.
With impenetrable fury I will devour each evening,
thick layers of autumn will be vanished from our story.

I will not have mercy on your image,
I’m going to spend it all, humid and ardent
I’ll turn it into my blood, blood of mine,
my poison… impertinent echo.

No, it will not have the truce it deserves,
love of mine, body of mine,
mine the orifice where swallows bloomed from
each time we kissed.
All of it mine.
My sun.
Nothing will be left when you call out my name.

Poor memory of you,
wounded wolf in my cage,
in my deserted womb, in my death cry.

It will become eyelid, mouth, palate, or needle,
if it asks me for shelter I shall bite off its ribs
when the winter spills, I will turn its fear into a well
If you are aching me, I will blow smoke where it hurts.

And if I cry for you, love, and if I mourn you,
I will dry up my anguish with the last of its threads.

I shall not have mercy on your memory.
I will hang it around my hips, like a war talisman,
because I haven’t lost, no, I am still here
it is you who is the ghost.

Where our bodies were once worshipped,
no longer the fire and the children.

I will be so cruel, that one day, it will have nothing else to offer me,
one day,  while I sleep,
it will pick up your shadow,
it will turn off your name,
it will leave the door wide open…
and run away aghast.

Then I’ll be free.



How can we ever explain what happened…
How could we ever retell the story?
The sound of these memories is so sharp
the whole village woke up paralized.

I know: it was my doing and my undoing.

All of us, completely still,
quietly waiting for it to be over.

(I’m so sorry, said the giant. I never meant it.)


Your love running free and wild, is mine…
Mine every lover along the way.

The village had begun to see its first harvest.
Children ran up and down the mountain
and danced by the river.

I should stay in my cave
the giant thought,
…But he was hungry again.



A certain fear impedes me from moving forward.
I have nowhere else to go, no land I’ve left untouched…
Move away from me. Run faster.
You are young and beautiful, you are free!

I would’ve listened, I swear,
I would’ve followed his advice.

But the giant and I shared our chains for so long,
We’d become one and the same.

-Set yourself free – I said as I held you desperately…
Hoping it wasn’t too late.
(What sauce would you like to be eaten with?)


The penitent one no longer rains,
in her villages not a single trace of light.
The penitent one no longer rains,
in her villages, not a single trace of you…
not a single trace
of you.

Strings of smoke all the way to the heavens
choruses twice as long preachin’ and prayin’.

You should see it, baby! The whole place is a mess!
You must’ve felt it, sweet thing!
You shoulda never… you shoulda never.

-Do you mind? I’m trying to weep-.


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