The Academy has spoken!

Dear worldthreaders,

it is with great joy that I write you, from my current temporary office in Mexico City, to share fantastic news:

Today, it’s been announced that I am the recipient of the Ambroggio Prize 2022 by The Academy of American Poets.

The awarded book, ‘Lotería: Sorteo Nocturno / The Lottery: Nocturnal Sweepstakes’ will be published by the The University of Arizona Press in the Spring of 2023. It was written through the winter in Denmark during my masters specialization at DDSKS, as a response to our reflections on diversity and inclusion… the questions of identity, agency and territory which I learned to navigate since my childhood in Colombia and in its war, and which became a vocabulary while growing up in the US… concepts which remain an open wound in my life as a migrant in the EU.

Just like bodies of water, our bodies are in permanent motion and cannot be divided nor made stagnant by frontiers nor by political agendas. Like poetry, we are meant to be in constant flow. I dedicate this award to every political refugee, asylum seeker, migrant and worldthreader, whose reality is fragmented by the dreams of the past and the memories of alternate futures.

My gratitude goes to the Academy of American Poets, the University of Arizona Press, and Den Danske Scenekunstskole (Danish National School of Performing Arts) for their support to my work.

ABOUT THE BOOK, judge Raina J. León said: “In every beginning, there is a river that entices with its generational wisdom, its own invocations, its own knowledge that what will come is what has been. La Lotería: Sorteo Nocturno alchemizes lotería symbology as vessels for myth, migration, and becoming. What belongs to centuries of play and divination is also seen anew in this text; we learn how even a sound can cause a room to wither. Poems arise from archetypical cards blazon out with new relevance; ‘The Milk’ and ‘The Customs Office’ have as much to say as ‘The Wall,’ as much about chaos and loss as they offer moments when the human experience, its fullness, becomes universal. ‘But how do I tell the builders / I don’t want grey cement / attaching me to the ground?’ This book reminds us that the drums of war continue to beat their fear and devastation into one’s bones even after the body has risen to the sky, leaving runways of scattered articles of life. What we leave behind in hopes of peace! Injustice waits when you land and caws your name in front of its crow ‘collection of panicked deer eyes.’ The game plays on and these poems invite a gamble: read and you just might change your life. The river will be there, at the beginning, and it may become the rain within you.

ABOUT THE AWARD: The Ambroggio Prize is a $1,000 publication prize given for a book-length poetry manuscript originally written in Spanish and with an English translation. The winning manuscript is published by the University of Arizona Press, which is nationally recognized for its commitment to publishing the award-winning works of emerging and established voices in Latinx and Indigenous literature, as well as groundbreaking scholarship in Latinx and Indigenous studies.

Established in 2017, the Ambroggio Prize is the only annual award of its kind in the United States that honors American poets whose first language is Spanish.


You can pre-order the book here:
or here:

For media inquiries or other information, please write to

The Nordic Union of Poetic Disobedience (Alliance for Performing Arts) is here!

Dear worldthreaders,

September started with a rush of emotions and exciting projects, mainly because it found me in Finland, in the poetic city of Turku (Home of Ruunoviikko poetry week), where a gathering of poets, cultural organizers, performers, translators and multimedia artists came together to discuss the ways in which our work and knowledge can be shared among our audiences in the Nordic regions, to strengthen the cultural landscape and help with the very needed translations, publications, distribution and promotion of these voices we all know are residing in the Nordic countries and speaking of narratives that are of great importance to the representation of diversity, but which fail to be represented and head due to lacking the translation and representation tools that other artists / performers / authors of the region have… but additionally, to provide all of these key players of our culture, no matter their origin, an opportunity to be heard in the other Nordic countries.

It starts with exchange of knowledge: Each one of us is doing similar things, from festivals to projects, workshops and performances, publications and so on, without counting with the moral, mentoring and economic support of a community, simply because we’ve seen a need to fill this space and begin documenting what we see around us. Our proposal is to change this, by sharing our knowledge, techniques, lessons learned and questions with each other, as well of course as our network, so that we can all begin rotating our talents, helping one another and providing that needed support that will make of these tasks a less isolated occupation.

This solution has been discussed in various forms by several constellations of us (proof that it is a collective need and not a single idea), but it is now that it is being formed, thanks to the support of Nordisk Kulturfond and the initiative of Kirjan Talo / Bokens Hus to host us. We were joined by Katariina Vuorinen, Juha Kulmala, Daniel Malpica, Francis North, Petri Tähtinen, Claus Ankersen, Rosanna Fellman, Ahmed Zaidan, Zoila Forss, Ana Stanicevic, Karri Kokko, Sadik Lazim and Nathalie Sallegren, and spent a week sharing workshops, discussions, brainstorming sessions… as well as poetry readings and an open mic closing event with the local poetry scene in Turku.

A most fantastic gathering which resulted in the forming of a working group we now call “Nordic Union of Poetic Disobedience: Alliance for Performing Arts” and which we will be developing throughout the coming months. In the meantime, Here’s some photos of this first Finnish gathering, and my wish for fruitful connections, projects, translations, performances and projects with this selected group of worldthreaders.

P.S: Keep an eye on the Red Transmissions Podcast in the coming days to hear their voices and stories.

An immersive experience called life…

Dear worldthreaders,

I am embarking on another phase of this year’s adventures, one that is truly and fully neverstop, in that it encompasses not one but several aspects of creativity simultaneously, which allows for a constant conversation between all its parts. How does this work? Well, I see poetry as more than a fleeting thought, a very visual concept, which is easy to transform into imagery with say, illustration, collage, animation, or more amazingly, in our current world, by feeding such capsules of information to artificial intelligence in order to extract its interpretations as images. This is how that looks like:

The photographic quality combined with dreamy textures and dramatic looks serves not just to completely activate my imagination, but also as references for new written material. Ideally maybe a combined album of soundscapes, visuals and poetry interconnected and presented as a multimedia installation. The AI is called Mid Journey and it is in its beta mode, but what I appreciate of it is that I can pretty much enter my poetry directly and then it visualizes it. The few photos you see here are characters I am creating for a world of my own.

In more practical info, here’s other immersive stuff:

-Red Door Magazine is turning 13 years old, and Red Door gallery is simultaneously having a birthday of its own, so I have put the two together into a one-day event this August 27, 2022 at the gallery (Møllegade 23 a kld, 2200 KBH N), and there will be live music, multilingual performances, a new, limited edition Red Door shirt, drinks and art objects and books, good friends and so on, from kl.13 to kl.20 so do join us if you’re in town.

-Coming up this Aug 30 and until the 4th I will be in Turku, Finland, forming an alliance of publishers, performers and poets in the Nordic region, giving workshops on multimedia art, podcasting, and you know, reporting back to you with the fruits of our efforts.

-I will be returning this September to Mexico, more specifically to Mexico City, and sharing the stage with the wonderful poets Tanya Cosío (cultural organizer, publisher, editor) and Pita Ochoa (poet and member of the infrarealists movement). Additionally, I am really happy to share that I have been invited to speak at the IASA (International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archive) for their yearly conference, which this year will take place in the National Phonotheque of Mexico, to speak, well, of course, about my Poetic Phonotheque (what better place to do so), and share the ways our community intertwines in many languages and media through audiovisual poetry. Podcasts, articles, videos and more will be shared along the journey.

-Early November I will be giving a workshop to master students at the University of Copenhagen, on multimedia creations, video, animation, short film and of course, field recordings and sound poetry. I can’t wait!

-On the 20th of November this year’s issue of NATURE & CULTURE – International Poetry Film Festival takes place at Husets Biograf, and I am soooo excited to share this event with you, for we received around 500 films this year, from poetry short films to animation, experimental, documentaries and more. Save the date!

These are the activities of this poet coming up, all of which I am immensely grateful for as they occur simultaneously as my master studies, meaning the schedule is busy, the budget is limited, but the heart is bursting with desire to learn, connect and neverstop. To all of you who give your support via PATREON, thank you for giving me a much needed push to continue focusing on creating and worldthreading… and if you haven’t joined me on Patreon yet, please consider it, so I can strengthen all these projects and keep creating spaces, events and opportunities for our communities.

Love and poetry always,

Madam Neverstop.

So we fringed!

Dear worldthreaders,

I hope this post finds you enjoying the sun, a refreshing something and ideally, with a poem at near distance in case of need or want.

This July saw the return of Tranås At the Fringe, a wonderful poetry / film / performance festival created in, well, Tranås, Sweden, by collaborators and let’s say co-conspirators whom you’ve heard of before, since Tranås is also the place where Red Door is printed and so lovingly distributed, exhibited, promoted and supported. The base of operations is Kultivera / Litteraturcentrum KVU, who are also home of the Poetic Phonotheque, and of course, hosts of Tremella Radio. So you can imagine how happy I was to be back, now that restrictions are gone, since this year’s festival was hosted on-site and counted with over 100 acts. SO. MUCH. FUN! 

Also, very exciting, apart from connecting with so many poets and performers from everywhere, was to travel along with poet Pablo Saborio, now Red Door’s poetry editor, who had his debut as a festival-performer and gave a wonderful workshop on multimedia poetry.

This year, I joined forces with my colleague Daniel Malpica, and we created a multimedia performance called X SPECIES. It was (is) a multimedia performance that involved a soundscape, mapping of visuals and live multilingual poetry in two voices, to create an entrancing space where the audience could relax and be immersed in a conversation on our role in the preservation of the planet, and the species in it including our own.

Daniel worked on the visuals creating hundreds of moving images which he intertwined to the sounds I created with vocal loops on my #somacosmos , dronning noise through my #lyra8 and a tape recorder, and all of this was threaded together with interventions of poetry by either or both of us.

I truly enjoyed watching people let go and allowing themselves to be moved by the experience, some laying down with eyes closed, some sitting down and observing, or walking around us to see the live show, or capturing moments in the room with their phones. The response afterwards was very positive and I am grateful to all of you who approached us afterwards to share what you experienced.

Performing arts are a wonderful way to express ourselves and deliver important messages. Thank you, Daniel, for this collaboration, and to Tranås at the Fringe team for creating a space where this is possible to engage with.

… but that’s not all!

Additionally, I had the opportunity of giving a workshop on one of my favorite subjects. Podcasting!

… more specifically, podcasting as a form of documentation for artists, activists and creators, to share their work and document the stories and relevant conversations of their communities.

We covered basic theory, purposes and practices, techniques and do’s and don’ts, as well as conversations on boundaries, something which is often forgotten due to social media’s need to shock and entertain.  Afterwards we jumped straight into concept, and then on to recording the production base of each podcast.

It took place at the beautiful house of Piraten, Tranås’ poet and legend, which gave it all an even more wonderful environment where we could openly and safely discuss why we were all interested in the practice.

Thanks so much to Kultivera  for the invitation and to Milica Denkovic for documenting these moments.

I have sooo many wonderful projects cooking, dreams coming true and exciting collaborations, but I wanted to take this moment to thank you, for your constant support and for your encouragement, which serves as inspiration, to keep going and going and going.

Love and poetry always,

Madam Neverstop.

Red Door’s LUCKY 13!

Dear worldthreaders,

I am happy to share that this year, RED DOOR is turning 13!

From originally starting as an online magazine (before being an online magazine was cool) to now becoming both a digital and printed cultural publication, with its own gallery situated in Copenhagen, and serving as a platform of promotion and documentation to so many artists and projects around the world. I had no idea what an adventure Red Door would be.

RED DOOR as a physical space also serves as the headquarters of this poet, as well as of Tremella Radio (an online independent literary and sound-based radio station in EU), the Poetic Phonotheque, the Red Transmissions Podcast, RED PRESS, and now our network, the Red Thread.

To celebrate I would like you to save the date: From August 19 to the 20th a RED DOOR celebration will take place online and at the gallery. Stay tuned for more information.

But, in the meantime, I have created this design for a limited edition RED DOOR shirt , and launched a new Patreon campaign: EVERYONE who joins my patreon or goes one tier up on their support will receive a screenprinted t-shirt (shipped to you wherever you are) AND a digital download of my latest album.

Your support won’t just make you look hot in this lucky red shirt, it will allow me to continue operating, well, everything. From domains to softwares, hosting, printing, etc.

See the campaign information here to learn more:

I’m counting on you! Thank you for your support and happy 13 to us!


The RED THREAD is here!

Dear worldthreaders,

I am happy to report that on the 3rd of April, as part of a networking series of events supported by Nordisk Kulturfond, and with participation of members representing organizations from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Wales, the Red Thread was officially established, as an alliance of publishers / cultural organizers / performers / poets to promote literature and multimedia arts in translation throughout our region, as well as being created in migrant languages, so as to document and support our cultural landscape.

The Red Thread after a session of networking at Red Door, CPH 2022

For this first meeting, we counted with Colm Kiernan and Magnus Grehn, representing Kultivera, Litteraturcentrum KVU and Tranås at the Fringe, Sweden. Elena Ilkova represented the Icelandic collective Os Pressan. Daniel Malpica, previous board member of PEN Helsinki, and Emma Leppo, coming from Turku and representing Bokens Hus and Runovikkoo Poetry Festival, both came from Finland. Pil Cappelen of Cappelens Forslag joined us from Norway. Dominic Williams, an associate of both Sweden activities and Red Door in Copenhagen, got funding from the Wales Arts Council to join us as an EU affiliate representing Write4word. And from Denmark, Morten Ranum, Pablo Saborio and I served as hosts representing Red Door, Red Press, Tremella Radio, and a series of other projects we’re each involved in.

You can see our very first chapbook, which celebrates this gathering, on this link. It contains multimedia poetry written in various languages and its translations.

We also held a poetry reading in La Fee Verte, CPH, as a Ukraine-support event where we managed to raise around 1500 EU, which will be distributed between Doctors Without Borders and Ukrainian artists in need of leaving fire areas. 

And then on Monday we held a hybrid, multilingual poetry event, hosted both on-site in Wales and at Red Door, as well as with participation of people from different parts of the world tuning in online from the comfort of their homes – something we’re very excited to keep pushing forward, as it allows people with invisible illnesses, neurodivergence and disabilities to be part of the conversation and included in our events wherever these take place.

It was a very busy, very fun and very productive week and I am still feeling the vibrance of so many wonderful conversations, connections and ideas. There is so much knowledge to be exchanged between us, and so much we can give back to our communities by joining efforts. 

The Red Thread is a work in progress but ideally will be able to present workshops, talks, readings, performances, publications and other activities in the Nordic countries and beyond in the coming months and years. 

I am grateful to each one of you for your support, because it helps Red Door’s activities both online and in the city, and in the shop/gallery space in Møllegade, which served as our base of operations through those busy days. There was also the support of course of Studenterhuset and LaFee as locations, both to whom I am grateful as well.

I invite you to check out the organizations involved (links above), see the wonderful books and events they have, and get in touch if you would like to learn more or get involved in the future.

I am feeling inspired, motivated and challenged, and of course also low on energy, so I plan on using this easter break for writing and moving slowly through the coming days as I process all the information received and all I have learned through this. Viva la Red Thread!

Love and poetry,

Madam Neverstop. 

NEVERSTOP: The Manifesto

I declare my existence to be free of state and economic boundaries, and I pay respect only to those who come together to burn the veils blinding us. Those who accept the moment of exchange and know that that in itself is a product, those who understand that excess is imbalance and do not submit to the extremes instilled by this society, those who as a guiding principle in their daily interactions practice exchange, and lead life as a work of art, the worldthreaders who accept no flag nor citizenship because the world is our home, each day our canvas, the freaks who relate to this and know that there needs to be a better way, because this reality, this society, this system, is not an option. I declare my existence an art performance and each one of my movements a product of this performance. As a living, breathing, and constantly changing work of art, I demand a dignified existence.

To clarify: I declare my totality to be a never-ending art performance project, titled “Neverstop”, and only to Neverstop practices shall I abide.

Inspired by the Roerich Pact, an international treaty dedicated to the protection of cultural values, I ask that it be recognized that the defense of my existence as a cultural work be more important than any military defense, as well as than any government, private or public institution and practice. Each one of my words and actions is the product of this life performance and therefore free of any nation or market’s interest. The collected symbols, encounters, actions and events are the living language of my performance and to be considered its products, therefore art by their own standing. The name of each and every one of my actions is Neverstop, the sum of all its parts a universal legacy, neutral and independent of combatant forces.

Pax Cultura: There is no greater value to you than my freedom and continued existence forever protected and unimpeded. There is no greater value to me than your freedom and continued existence forever protected and unimpeded. For this reason I invite you to join me. There is no greater value to our society than unity through art. This is Neverstop.

*November, 2012, New York City.
I share this here as a reminder of my name, my purpose and my essence, and as an invitation for you to join me.

Would you like to come home? – The book! The book is here!

To many cultures, the number 33 has high symbolic value, often connected to death and rebirth. To me, 33 marks the conclusion of 5 years of reconstruction.For the past 2 years I’ve been sharing with you the process of this project I call my own Book of the Dead, a study on grief and transmutation (based on my own ancestral rituals, as well as Tibetan and Egyptian teachings), a conversation on becoming new selves and rebuilding after long periods of dormancy and loss.

It is a book accompanied by its own soundtrack under the same title, created along with Brandon Davis , Marie Mark Andersen and Gene Times and mixed by my better half, Dr.Hansen.It is a book with a preface by Beats Academic Oliver Harris, director of the European Beat Studies Network, and translated to German by Klaudia Ruschkowski.

It is a book released thanks to the encouragement of Phil Shoenfelt and Ralf Friel, and is printed in Germany via Moloko Print ( conclude my 33rd year, 10 days short of my birthday, I introduce you to my new poetry book, my Book of the Dead, “Would you like to come home?I will host a listening party at Red Door in the near future for those interested, but let me know if you would like to reserve a signed copy of the book or a set, as I only have a limited amount here in Copenhagen. Get your signed copy at or through Moloko.

Viva la vida! Viva la poesía!

Poetry takes over…

Dear friends,

the”Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival” I’ve been directing through the Poetic Phonotheque in collaboration with Kulturhuset Islands Brygge here in Copenhagen, is happening this Sunday, November 21 and 28. A digital version of the festival will be available from November 20 to the 30th at

First of all, allow me to introduce you to the publication of “Nature & Culture” International Poetry Film Festival, created as a collaboration between Kulturhuset Islands Brygge and Poetic Phonotheque with the support of Københavns Kommune.

Cover art and poster art by @leo.e.flores
Interior design and illustrations by @fetch_grafik
Art by @rita.howis

Essays, environmental poems and all the 128 films participating in the festival are part of this publication, printed locally on recycled paper and awaiting you this Sunday at the festival.

Reserve your copy at

Second of all, the program! You can see the trailer, the digital version of the book and the details of the program at

This is how it appeared on Red Door Magazine #28

Reserve your FREE tickets for the festival following the link here:

Last but not least, the reception it is already receiving. I am happy to share that Politiken, one of the main newspapers in Denmark, has included the festival in its 5 recommendations of poetic things to do this weekend. (see? poetry is blooming most recklessly. I love it!)

Here’s an interview I gave to Bryggebladet this week which shares my story, my connection to poetry, why I started the Poetic Phonotheque and most importantly, what this collaboration with Kulturhuset Islands Brygge represents, for poetry in a local and international level, and for our community, having access to these projects and events without paywalls nor disruptions.

Bryggebladet, Nov 18 2021

The team effort to make this festival a reality has been a wonderful thing to experience. I am grateful to Kulturhuset Islands Brygge for opening the doors to my concepts, ideas and projects, even though they might sound a bit “niche” in comparison to the common entertainment found all around us. I am especially grateful to Morten, Mads, Henrietta and Solveig for their countless hours of work, as well as to Rikke for the design and illustrations of the book and to Leo Flores for the beautiful posters that adorn the book and give identity to this festival.

Let the poetry takeover begin!

Trafika Europe Radio interview

Tune in to Trafika Europe Radio right now to listen to an interview I gave, talking about my album “Would you like to come home?”, my collaboration with Gene Atlas, Brandon Davis and Marie Mark Andersen and the releases with Ralf Friel’s Moloko. Later tonight, Bowery Poetry Speaks presents the Red Transmissions Podcast interview with beat poet Claus Høxbroe. Enjoy your Sunday. Let it be filled with poetry. Let it bring you back to life.

The accompanying book with the same title will be released this fall and I cannot wait to share it with you.

But in the meantime, do enjoy this in-depth interview, and give your support by getting your album on Bandcamp. You can also listen to the tracks here: