Helsinki Book Fair recap

I’m now back in Copenhagen after an incredible time in the big celebration of literature and culture that is the Helsinki Book Fair, where I was invited by the Finnish PEN to speak of Poetry and Exile.
I took advantage of the opportunity to also document my participation through a series of interviews for my podcast, Red Transmissions, which will be airing in the coming weeks.

To those of you who haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast, it is a series of conversations with the Worldthreaders I encounter on my path. What’s a worldthreader, you ask? precisely what it sounds like. People who through their creative or activist work connect the world around us, without thinking of borders of barriers and divisions. This can be done directly through art, literature and music, or through projects in defense of human rights, climate and equality, defending our rights to a dignified existence.

In my talk, hosted by Daniel Malpica, fellow poet and member of the board of Finnish PEN, I had the opportunity of presenting my new book Det usynlige sår / La herida invisible by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag, my previous book In the Jaws of Oblivion by La Impresora in Puerto Rico, and of discussing my story and my current work in Copenhagen attempting to create new spaces of exchange and collaboration amongst migrant creators residing in the nordic countries, as well as nordic creators through translations and connections so as to provide opportunities for them in the US and Latin America. My gratitude goes to Veera Tyhtilä, Chair of Finnish PEN, Daniel Malpica for being an incredible host and fantastic photographer of my adventures in Helsinki, and Leena Manninen for facilitating all the left-brain processes of this adventure.

Additionally, I had the opportunity of listening to Sofi Oksanen speak and later interviewing her for the podcast. This was an empowering reunion! Sofi is an incredible Finnish writer and playwright. She has published five novels, of which Purge has gained the widest recognition. She has received several international and domestic awards for her literary work. Her work has been translated into more than 40 languages and sold more than two million copies. Sofi shared with me that she will also be participating in the coming Colombian Book Fair in April, so if you’re going to be attending, keep your schedule open for what she has to say. Otherwise, stay tuned for her episode!

Thank you, Veera, for giving me such a warm welcome to Helsinki.

In the words of Daniel Malpica: “The work of Finnish PEN is very relevant in today’s global context. There is still a lot of places where writers face harassment, incarceration and murder for opening up and publicly expressing their views, and Elizabeth is the clear example of how poetry succeeds despite the difficulties, in a clear demand for a better world.”

I encourage you to follow the movements of your local PEN chapter, giving them a like on Facebook, and standing up in whatever ability you can from your location to support freedom of expression in these turbulent times.

Thank you, PEN Finland, Veera, Daniel, Leena, Oula, Sofi, and everyone whom I encountered in my journey.

Love and poetry,
Madam Neverstop.

Photo by Daniel Malpica, Helsingin Kirjamessuilla, 2019

NEW BOOK: Det usynlige sår

Poetic Service Announcement:

Throughout this year, I’ve been working on a project that means a great stepping stone for me, as it marks my existence as a writer in Denmark and opens the doors to the audience here and the opportunities this represents.

Malene Boeck Thorborg has done an amazing job translating poems from my last 5 books from Spanish to Danish, and discussing each line, each metaphor, with such respect and care that I am certain it mirrors the original quite loyally. She previously published a translation of Gabriela Mistral’s selected works, and plans to continue visibilizing Latinamerican women in poetry by translating their work to Danish. I am so honored by her support and great effort.

My gratitude also goes to Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag, who welcomed my poetry and this project with open arms. It has been a delight to birth this book.

Det usynlige sår / La herida invisible is a bilingual selection of my poetry and also contains a series of illustrations accompanying each of the 5 segments of the book.

A book release event will take place in November, but the book can already be purchased through the publisher.

Thanks to everyone for your constant support and for celebrating this poetic achievement with me. 🌹


RedBubble shop update and discount code for you

Hi all,
I’ve updated my online RedBubble art shop, which customizes products with my work based on your order. That way, nothing is printed or made unnecessarily, it is carbon neutral and made in sustainable ways to ensure transparency and safe working conditions.

I’ve previously ordered sample products, from notebooks to cushions to clothes and scarfs, and I personally dig the quality of their products, so it’s something I can stand behind, plus I think a lot of it looks quite cute 🙂 (oh yeah, and they have partners in various parts of the world, so it’s reasonable shipping times AND nicely packed, too).

So, here’s the link: (and yes, all those are my designs)

…and here’s a 15% discount code, valid until Jan 23, which you can use not just on the products of my shop, but on all of the RedBubble products: RBC-B1512336AC

That way, you’re getting yourself something pretty, and supporting independent artists, too!


Publication in illustration directory… and new items on Red Bubble shop

Dear friends,

I’m happy to share that some of my illustrations have been published in Australia’s DRAWN Vol.3 Leaders in Contemporary Illustration, by Capsules Book Publishing.

This book features artwork from emerging and established talent from around the world and provides a unique insight into the creative process and lives of illustrators shaping today’s visual culture.

Editorial illustration, apparel and merchandise, poster and packaging design, book illustration and concept art are just a few of the many disciplines showcased in Drawn Volume.3. It is an essential guide for creative directors, design professionals, marketing and branding teams to expand their professional network and find new exceptional creatives to work with.

You can see my capsules portfolio here. All proceeds from book sales of Drawn Volume.3 will be donated to Book Aid International.

In other artsy news, I’ve updated the Red Bubble shop with new designs, so please feel free to check them out here.

More poetic news coming soon, but for now, wishing you’re all having a delightful summer.

Love and poetry,

What can I do for us?

Marking the end of a year and the arrival of another is as meaningless or as symbolic as we choose it to be… but I know a lot of you out there really count it as something.
Personally, for me it’s just an opportunity to look back and appreciate the work and results of previous months, and question where I’m going and what I can do to get there.
The current socio-political climate affects us very personally, and many times this year I felt incredibly powerless learning of the destruction and hatred currently spreading like wild fire. What, if anything, can I do for us?

Here’s what I came up with. A little token of hope, that hopefully brightens your day, stands by your desk or wall, or can be used as a gift to tell others you care. Please download it. Please print it. Please distribute it.
It is yours.

A friendly reminder for your new year.
Here’s a download link of the hi-res file:
Feel free to print and share.
The second part of my gift to you, wherever you are. 
Because we will not be divided. We will not be invisibilized. We will not be silenced. 

Download link:

Feel free to print and share. 
And last, but not least, for all the survivors out there, a reminder.
Speak up. We hear you. We believe you. We stand with you.
#yotambien #metoo

Download of hi-res image here:

With love and poetry always,


Most recent work and small update

Dear all,

2018 has been an exciting, yet incredibly difficult year. Politically and socially and emotionally and ecologically, there’s no doubt we’re all exhausted. I am.

And in the middle of winter in Copenhagen, where grey clouds cover our city and keep us in semi-permanent slumber, sometimes I question my work, my path, and pretty much everything. In a loop. In constant chaos. So I decided to do some looking back to remind myself what I’ve been up to, and where I’m going.

Here’s some of the work I’ve created lately.

In 2019, I ask for more balance and more light. More equality, and less drama.

(and one impeachment, of course).



In the Jaws of Oblivion / En las Fauces del Olvido


libro en mesa

on typewriter


Allow me to officially introduce you to my most recent book…
En las Fauces del Olvido, and if you flip it, In the Jaws of Oblivion, for this book is bilingual, and that makes me quite delighted, as so is my brain.

Most of the poems I write are in Spanish but I also write in English, and like to combine the two as completely different voices in my poetry. So yey for bilingual people!

The book is actually a second edition of En las Fauces del Olvido, as the first one was published with a different edition also by La Impresora.

This book, published in a limited edition of 200 and handmade with risograph prints in Puerto Rico by La Impresora, was then shipped to New York, and then delivered to Colombia where I was participating in the Poetry Festival of Medellin. Afterwards, I traveled with it to Sweden to participate in the Jönköping Festival of Poetry, and then returned here to Copenhagen, where I have presented it in several venues. What’s next? New York. And that will be that for this edition.

There’s still some copies left. If you’d like to get your hands on one, contact me.

Viva la poesia!



And here’s a screenshot from @LaImpresora , while they were making the book:
insta en progreso


All my love and gratitude to La Impresora for believing in my work and agreeing to my crazy proposals, and to Nicole and Amanda who are making an incredible project in the middle of a post-hurricane Puerto Rico, something I am very moved and inspired by.