The following are a list of available publications I have authored and links to acquire them:

The Ways of the Firefly

Published in the early summer of 2020 by Moloko in Germany,
this book is a bilingual poetry compilation in German and English,
which narrates the adventures of a firefly’s interactions with the Coal Collector who decided to keep her for himself.
Translated to German by Klaudia Ruschkowski.
Available via Moloko:

Det usynlige sår / La herida invisible

Published in the Winter of 2019 as my debut in Denmark, La Herida Invisible (The Invisible Wound) is a selection of poetry from 5 of my previously published books, to form a concise sample of my work.
Translated to Danish by Malene Boeck Thorborg
Available with Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag:
Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag.

In the Jaws of Oblivion

Published in the summer of 2018 as the first bilingual edition of “En las fauces del olvido”, by La Impresora in Puerto Rico. This book is a selection of poetry often described as dark and melancholic (although I don’t precisely agree with this, but I am aware it is a cathartic book, handling the subjects of loss, grief and survival), and in my opinion the first of a trilogy of poetry books, continued by “The Ways of the Firefly” and the upcoming “Would you like to come home?”.


Released as a farewell to New York in 2015, this was a limited edition self-published selection, illustrated by me and bilingual (English – Spanish).

En las fauces del olvido

In 2016 my life went out for a spin and returned with its hands full of ashes. Two very dear people in my life passed away under harsh circumstances in two separate parts of the world, (my first love, in NY – followed by my first husband, in DK) and I split my heart to be physically present in both. What came after was almost a year of rebuilding my life, reconstructing my present, and when I thought I’d lost everything… I began to write.
This collection of poetry is a narration of chaos knocking at the door, ravaging your home, and you taking care of your sanity, the remains of your heart, the spirits lingering in spite of yourself, and of course, the beast of oblivion, lingering close by.
Published by La Impresora in 2017 and presented in the US, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and several events in Europe.

Edad de sol (de sol edad)

A selection of poetry in spanish published in 2011.
Available online as a second edition here:
(side note: If you have a copy of the first edition, I’ll buy it from you. I lost my copy).

Anatomia de la arcilla incoherente (Anatomy of the incoherent clay)

This was one of my favorite books to make in NY regarding design, as the name of the book “Anatomy of the Incoherent Clay” relates to the concept of the stupidity or naivity of humanity, dissected in various subjects through the poetry. The poems are all illustrated with anatomic parts, and even the index is based on the spinal cord, so, fun all over. The book was a limited edition with which I toured extensively, and somehow I do have my copy of this, but none available.

Anatomía de la Arcilla Incoherente, (Anatomy of the Incoherent Clay) Poetry, 2010, USA. Prologue by Jairo Anibal Niño, Colombia.

If you are an independent publisher, let’s release an edition of this together!

Previous to this, other publications include:
Due to my constant displacement (I became a political refugee at the age of 11, relocated several times, and after a nomadic life in NY moved to Denmark where I now finally begin to compile my story) I do not have physical copies of most of my work and publications from 2000 and below. But they’re somewhere, so one day they’ll return to me.

-Street Light Visions (alucinación a cuatro tiempos), bilingual poetry book,
(H)onda Nómada Ediciones, México, 2012
-Distortions in Red, Poetry 2010, Limited Edition, NY
-How to catch a Public Belief, Poetry CD, 2010 Limited Edition, NY
-Des-instrucción improvisada: Re-programación gramatical y teórica, Poetry, 2009, Object Book, limited Edition, USA
Poesía a varios tiempos, Poetry CD, 2009, NY
-De amor, desamor y otros infortunios: Porque la vida es bastante moralista los lunes por la mañana, Poetry, Object Book, 2008, USA
-Because the Flame is Alive, Prose and Poetry, 2007, US and Canada (Bilingual Edition) – Sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters and published in the US and Canada.
-Pacto del Girasol, poetry, 2004, USA
-Semillas de Paz, 2000, CD de poesía, Miami, USA
-Alas de Papel, Poetry. Editorial Educar, 1999. Prologue by Fernando Soto Aparicio, Colombia.
-Preguntas sin Respuesta, Ministerio de Cultura, Colombia – Poetry, 1998. “Best Book of Poetry of the year”-Award by the Colombian Book Chamber. Prologue by Jotamario Arbelaez, Colombia. (5 editions published, more than 12,000 books sold).
-La Mariposa y Bogotá, Short Stories, Colombia, 1998
-Tesoro del Alma, Audio Cassette, Colombia 1998
-Una Niña, Audio Cassette, Colombia 1997
-Gatos Soñadores, Poetry, 1997, Object Book, Costa Rica and Colombia, Limited Edition
-Las aventuras del camaleón, Short Stories, Colombia, 1996