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Videos, infographics, motion graphics, illustrations
and other creative design projects.

MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION – From editing interviews to creating visually captivating content for the promotion of your company or project. I can help you produce a high-quality presentation, including voiceovers, animations, posters, book and album covers, magazines, brochures and more, delivering in various formats for your project to shine! Here’s a few samples:

The Poetic Phonotheque:

The Phonotheque was a concept I developed during the beginning of the lockdown to bring poetry in the voice of its authors to households all around the world, of free access in every community with an internet connection. This consists of a series of open calls to have authors send their voices to a website specifically designed for the archiving of this collection, as well as a collaboration with various cultural organizations in Scandinavia who are the physical houses of the phonotheque, such as Kulturhuset Islands Brygge in Denmark and Litteraturcentrum KVU in Tranås among others. See the project at: www.poeticphonotheque.com

Promo video for open call of Poetic Phonotheque

NATURE & CULTURE – International Poetry Film Festival at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge

Festival poster – art by Leonardo Flores.

As part of a collaboration with the cultural house of Islands Brygge, which has agreed to become the home of the Poetic Phonotheque in Copenhagen, we decided to create together the very first “Nature & Culture – International Poetry Festival”, which I have had the wonderful delight of orchestrating. The festival will take place in November of 2021, but has already received over 200 films from more than 40 countries, including documentaries, short films, animations and poetry films, all on the subject of environmental protection, climate change, our love for nature and humanity’s interaction with the planet. For this specific project, I designed the concept, identity and format, and presented the following parts of the festival:

A VISUAL PART: 2 full days of screening of the films me and two other judges select for this event.

A PUBLISHED PART: There will be a printed book as a result of this festival, with the synopsis, stills, poems and info on the creators who participated on this call, the subjects they cover, and a series of illustrations and art by two artists we commissioned based on these themes… there will also be a series of poems, printed with illustrations as bookmarks, on recycled paper given to the public as bookmarks…which when done using, they can return to the earth and watch flowers bloom from these poems.

A PERFORMANCE PART: In collaboration with Xtintion Rebellion and various filmmakers, there will be talks and performances throughout the event.

A DIGITAL PART: The films will be screened online AND the phonotheque will keep a permanent collection of the poetry films as part of its archive.

Festival poster 2: art by Leonardo Flores.

I was recently commissioned to do a series of videos and posters for Enhedslisten, (the eco-socialist political party in Denmark. It is the furthest left party in the Danish Parliament, advocating for socialist democracy in Denmark and internationally), to help them with delivering a series of key messages against an upcoming construction of an entire island, which has been designated in the name of “environmental spaces, coast protection and new job opportunities”, in a doubtfully-democratic move to bring a fancy, upper-class type of project to the city of Copenhagen, the biggest since Christian the 4th. So, this is an ongoing collaboration, and the first video goes as follows. Concept, illustrations and design by me, with licensed music and sound effects I also coordinated.

Some screenshots of other videos of the same campaign:

INFOGRAPHICS for Whales & Dolphins / Albatros Expeditions collaboration:

The Inhabitants of the Polar Seas: This is a selection of posters, designed as part of my work with Albatros Expeditions, to promote the work of one of their CSR collaborators, Whales & Dolphins, an organization designed to protect… precisely what their name stands for. The posters were created to be decorating the ships of Albatros Expeditions as they cruise the Polar Regions, while simultaneously being used online as didactic material during COVID times, and as promotional material for both companies on their respective Social Medias:


Coronaknibe is an online movement that started in Denmark right after the COVID19 lockdown of 2020 was announced, due to the lack of compensation to small businesses and independent workers, all forced to postpone their income-making activities, as well as immigrants and students, all who were heavily affected by the shutdown but didn’t were accounted for during the compensation distribution decisions of Denmark’s leaders, who focused on bailing out corporations. The video is based on the lyrics composed explaining this using the tune of a traditional Danish song. Illustrations and animation by me, voice and lyrics by Kasper Bøjes Hansen.

Book covers for a series of poetry by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag:

Promotional Animation video of my book “Det Usynlige Sår”, and other designs including book cover and inside illustrations. Published in Danish and Spanish in 2019 by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forslag and translated by Malene Boeck Thorborg.

Web Launch Presentation:

After Albatros Expeditions completed the design of their new website, I created this infomercial to promote the various aspects and features of the site. Video, voiceover and production by me:

LA TIENDA: The visual identity of a vegan Latin American restaurant in Copenhagen.

For this very special project I was commissioned to make a huge mural, which covered the size of two containers one on top of the other, which was the entirety of the restaurant, on location in a food court called Papyrøen in Copenhagen. I spent several weeks building the elements of the mural both on site and on wood pieces that could be moved with the restaurant, and its imagery was also used for the food trucks they used for festivals: