-For poetry or prose, English to Spanish / Spanish to English
I’m a native Spanish speaker with native fluency in English. I’ve received advanced education in both languages and have been published in both languages. I am currently a certified associate member of the American Translators Association.

CONTENT & COPYWRITING: Anything media related, from web content to professional articles or presentations of projects, essays and social media packages.

See writing samples here.

CULTURAL CONTENT 6 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS / FEATURES: I’ve given hundreds of interviews to the media, and also host two podcasts and direct my own magazine. My background is in Media & Film and I’ve been writing…all my life. Culture is my passion, so feel free to contact me if you want help documenting your project, festival or event, performance, play or intervention, or if you want to promote your next project.
Listen to the Red Transmissions Podcast.
Listen to the Ocean Waves Podcast.

BOOK REVIEWS: If you’re releasing a book, or have just released it, send it my way! I will be happy to review it for you.

EDITING AND PROOFREADING: Before hitting post, or sending the final proof to the print, get an extra pair of eyes to revise your project, and save yourself a reprint.

SCRIPT WRITING & GHOSTWRITING: If you’ve got a story you want to tell, either as a short or a film or a book, I will be more than happy to put it in the proper format, either under my name, or if you want help with your writing, under yours.

RESEARCH: Culture & Society research in person, online or print.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: From editing interviews to creating visually captivating content for the promotion of your company or project. I can help you produce a high-quality presentation, including voiceovers, animations, and deliver it in various formats for your project to shine! Here’s a few samples:

GRAPHICS & ILLUSTRATIONS: Art illustrations for your anthology, book or presentation, in color or black and white, in the format you desire, digital or print.

Click to See some of my visual art, or look at the samples below: