Elizabeth Torres – Colombian/American, 1987.
FEMALE, millenial with American accent.
Fluent in English & Spanish.

Available for remote and on-site gigs (in Denmark and Sweden).

Allow Me to Clarify – Environmental Poem for Kulturhuset Islands Brygge
CLIP: Short outro for Ocean Waves Podcast.
CLIP: Red Transmissions Podcast intro – informative, literary introduction to the concept of the episode, used during change of season or high-profile interviews.

My studio:
Some of the equipment I work with:
-Hindenburg Journalist Pro
-DaVinci Resolve
-Adobe Suite

-iMac 2021
-Motu M2 interface
-Portable weather-proof carry-on recording studio, including to professional-level microphones, recording equipment and stands, for a radio-like setup on the road.

To learn more about me, please follow me on the following social media:

Deliver your next project’s key messages with authentic passion and professionalism.

Voiceover artist with American accent in English (or Latin American, if in Spanish).

Experience with voiceover work for ads, informercials and explainer videos, radio, audiobooks and more:

I started doing radio at the age of 10 and receiving awards for my radio show in Miami soon after. I went to high school with a focus on radio/TV production in NJ, and then got an education at Kean University in Media & Film (Communications), so I’ve been training my voice professionally all of my life. Ever since graduating, I have been using my voice to help others develop and deliver their brands and messages clearly, in a relatable and personalized way, for clients in the US, Latin America and Europe.

Here’s some of my more recent work.

Would You Like to Come Home? – Album by Madam Neverstop (Elizabeth Torres).
Includes poetry talks and singing in both English and Spanish. Music by Elizabeth Torres, Brandon Davis, Gene Atlas and Marie Mark Andersen.Mixed and Mastered by Dr. Hansen at STC studios in 2021.

Podcasting host, radio and audiobooks:

I’m host of the Red transmissions Podcast, an interview series where I interview personalities in culture, arts & current trends in the creative and society industries, such as the Space Lady, King Kahn, Sofie Oksanen, Bandcamp’s The Daily Director, among many others. I have over 3 years of experience producing, editing and promoting my own podcast and freelancing as a podcast editor. On the left, you can listen to some of the most recent episodes. The podcast has gotten more than 5000 downloads and serves as a great platform of promotion for artists and cultural organizers.

Ocean Waves Podcast episode with Gregers Gjersoe, who crossed Greenland and the South Pole on skies. Recorded onboard Ocean Atlantic in the Arctic Region.
TAlk at the Fringe Tranås, telling of my story, projects and activities for a digital and physical audience as part of the festival’s featured talks.
Gettin’ On With It – Experimental Poem (singing, reciting, voice effects). – Produced and animated by Elizabeth Torres, music composition by Gene Atlas. This short film was featured in several film festivals around the world in 2020/2021.
Arcane Encounter – From the album “Would You Like to Come Home?” Music, voice, concept, video and audio production by Elizabeth Torres, 2021.
Educational video: Instructional video on how to easily prepare for a radio or podcast interview, with a system I developed to ease the conversation.

Radio, Audiobooks and more::

Voiceover is one of my skills, but sometimes you need more than just the right professional voice. In addition to voiceover, I can offer you the following supplementary services to make your project complete:

-Translation (English/Spanish and viceversa)
-Adding music
-Adding sound effects
-Casting multiple voice projects
-Casting voice over in various languages
-Producing (commercials, podcasts, phone services, audiobooks and more)
-Audio Editing
-Video Editing & Animation.

Additionally I am equipped with professional software and recording equipment and have access to studios in Copenhagen. I also have a portable studio for podcasting / audio recording on the road (and a passport always ready when it’s time to travel!).

Elizabeth was an asset in promoting, recruiting and assisting with a children’s poetry contest that Whitegate PR worked on earlier this year. She is a great creative and a genuine person!

Dana Humphrey – Life Coach & Author, NY

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