Cursed with clarity
is one of the songs from my album
“Would you like to come home?”
released with Moloko Plus (by Ralf Friel) in Germany. The lyrics, vocals, video and animation are by me, and the music is composed by Brandon Davis and Marie Mark Andersen. This was mixed at STC studios in Copenhagen by Dr.Hansen.


A series of videos part of a multimedia portfolio done for my first year at the MFA of Performing Arts at Den Danske Scenekunst Skole here in Denmark. The purpose of them, along with a publication, is to narrate the process of acquiring information and transforming it into new creative material, adding forth to the narrative.

A meditation on entanglement.
A poem on entanglements.
The Neverstop Manifesto (written in New York in 2012)
Olivetti Valentine knows.

Gettin’ On With It:

This short film was created during the fall of 2020 in celebration of the release of The Ways of the Firefly, a poetry book in German and English released by Moloko Print during the pandemic. It is filmed in Marielyst, Nykøbing, in the south of Denmark, and the music is composed by Jevgeniy Turovskiy, who corresponded with me digitally from Berlin for the creation of this project.
The process? For the camera, I used my smartphone, and then animated on Procreate and edited on DaVinci & After Effects.

The film has been screened in the following film festivals around the world:

-Mobile Got Talent, Pakistan October 2020
-International Art Film Festival, London, October 2020
-Helios Sun Poetry Festival, Mexico, November 2020
(with whom I also did a virtual conference about interdisciplinary creations and the making of this piece).
-Runoviikko / Poetry Week Festival, Finland, November 2020
-9th international Video Poetry Festival, Athens, December 2020
-REELPoetry/Houston TX, US January 2021
-Divine Feminine Arts & Film Fest, New York, 2021
-FALLING ON DEAF EARS exhibition at Magenta Gallery, Denmark 2022

If you’re interested in screening this short film during your poetry event, film festival or other cultural happening, please contact me at



Transgressions for the Public Service:

Different Ghosts:


The Invisible Wound:

The Well: