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Elizabeth Torres (Madam Neverstop) 1987. Colombian/American poet, translator and multimedia artist.

Her work intertwines poetry, visions and soundscapes with language and performance across various art forms and media.

Winner of the Ambroggio Prize 2022 by the Academy of American Poets, Elizabeth is the author of over 20 books of poetry published in Spanish, English, Danish and German, and her poetry has also been included in anthologies and literary journals around the planet. She is the host of the Red Transmissions Podcast, and the initiator of the international audio collection Poetic Phonotheque, as well as an cultural organizer in the Nordic regions.

Elizabeth’s path as a poet began at an early age, moved to write by the social conflict of her native country, publishing her first books as a child and receiving a national poetry award for Best Book of Poetry of the Year by the Colombian Book Chamber at the age of 8.

Soon after, Elizabeth became a political refugee in the United States, where she studied Media & Film and Fine Arts at Kean University, and expanded her career to speaking engagements using her story as inspiration of students and young people across the US and Canada.

Elizabeth now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she directs Red Door Magazine since 2009 (founded in NY), and a gallery under the same name. She is also host of the art, society & culture podcast Red Transmissions and the initiator of the international poetry audio collection the Poetic Phonotheque. She is also project coordinator for other initiatives in Europe and abroad. Elizabeth is member of the International Centre for Women Playwrights, the PEN Danish Chapter and the American Literary Translators Association. Some of the projects she is currently involved in, include Tranås at the Fringe, OPEN ROAD (tour guide for artists in EU), RED THREAD alliance of publishers, performers and translators, ARTIVAL festival cultural curation and the yearly Nature & Culture Poetry Film Festival.

Elizabeth is a frequent speaker at universities, poetry and culture festivals and other events across Europe, Latin America and the US, having traveled to over 30 countries with her work. Her most recent publications are the English/German poetry books “The Ways of the Firefly” and “Would you like to come home?” translated by Klaudia Ruschowsky and published by Moloko plus, Fábulas del Desastre released in 2021 in Mexico by MiCielo ediciones, and a compilation of poetry in Danish/Spanish titled “La Herida Invisible / Det usynlige sår” translated by Malene Boeck Thorborg and published in Denmark by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag in 2019. The Ambroggio prize winner book, “La Lotería: Sorteo Nocturno / The Lottery: Nocturnal Sweepstakes” will be published by the University of Arizona Press in the Spring of 2023.

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Focus and main interests: The documentation of the creative & activists projects and initiatives in the various networks encountered. Artistic Research. Collaboration projects with art collectives and galleries, multimedia art collaborations, curating exhibitions and organizing art events that intertwine communities and art forms.

Her artwork has been exhibited in Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, France, Copenhagen and the United States. Her work focuses on social justice, creative expression, artistic exchanges, and world-threading.