Photo by Zarko Ivetic.

Elizabeth Torres (Madam Neverstop) 1987. Colombian/American poet, translator and multimedia artist.

Her work intertwines poetry, visuals and soundscapes with language and performance, combining visions and concepts across various art forms and media.

Elizabeth is the author of over 20 books of poetry published in Spanish, English, Danish and German, and her poetry has also been included in anthologies and literary journals around the planet. She is the host of the Red Transmissions Podcast, and the initiator of the international audio collection Poetic Phonotheque, as well as an cultural organizer in the Nordic regions.

Elizabeth’s path as a poet began at an early age, moved to write by the social conflict of her native country, publishing her first books as a child and receiving a national poetry award for Best Book of Poetry of the Year by the Colombian Book Chamber at the age of 8.

Soon after, Elizabeth became a political refugee in the United States, where she studied Media & Film and Fine Arts at Kean University, and expanded her career to speaking engagements using her story as inspiration of students and young people across the US and Canada.

Elizabeth now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she directs Red Door Magazine since 2009 (founded in NY), and a gallery under the same name. She is also host of the art, society & culture podcast Red Transmissions and the initiator of the international poetry audio collection the Poetic Phonotheque. She is also project coordinator for other initiatives in Europe and abroad. Elizabeth is member of the International Centre for Women Playwrights, the PEN Danish Chapter and the American Literary Translators Association.

Elizabeth is a frequent speaker at universities, poetry and cultural festivals and other events across Europe, Latin America and the US, having traveled to over 30 countries with her work. Her most recent publications are the English/German poetry books “The Ways of the Firefly” and “Would you like to come home?” translated by Klaudia Ruschowsky and published by Moloko plus, Fábulas del Desastre released in 2021 in Mexico by MiCielo ediciones, and a compilation of poetry in Danish/Spanish titled “La Herida Invisible / Det usynlige sår” translated by Malene Boeck Thorborg and published in Denmark by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag in 2019.

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Photo by Doktor Hansen.

Focus and main interests: The documentation of the creative & activists projects and initiatives in the various networks encountered. Collaboration projects with art collectives and galleries, multimedia art collaborations, curating exhibitions and organizing art events that intertwine communities and art forms.

Her artwork has been exhibited in Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, France, Copenhagen and the United States. Her work focuses on social justice, creative expression, artistic exchanges, and world-threading.


  • Would you like to come home? – Bilingual poetry (German / English) – Moloko Plus, Germany, 2021
  • Would you like to come home? – Music Album – Moloko Records, Germany, 2021
  • Fábulas del desastre – Poetry book (spanish) – MiCielo Ediciones, Mexico, 2021
  • The Ways of the Firefly – Bilingual poetry (German / English) – Moloko Plus, Germany, 2020
  • Det usynlige sår / La herida invisible – Bilingual poetry selection translated by Malene Boeck Thorborg, published in Denmark by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag, 2019.
    In the Jaws of Oblivion / En las Fauces del Olvido
     – Bilingual poetry selection, Puerto Rico, Editorial La Impresora 2018
  • En las Fauces del Olvido, Spanish poetry selection, Puerto Rico, (Editorial La Impresora) 2017
  • Atemporal, Bilingual poetry selection, New York 2015 (private sponsors, limited edition distributed in the US and Europe).
  • Street Light Visions (alucinación a cuatro tiempos), bilingual poetry book, (H)onda Nómada Ediciones, México, 2012
  • Edad de Sol, poemario, New York 2011
  • Anatomía de la Arcilla Incoherente, (Anatomy of the Incoherent Clay) Poetry, 2010, USA. Prologue by Jairo Anibal Niño, Colombia.
  • Distortions in Red, Poetry 2010, Limited Edition, NY
  • How to catch a Public Belief, Poetry CD, 2010 Limited Edition, NY
  • Des-instrucción improvisada: Re-programación gramatical y teórica, Poetry, 2009, Object Book, limited Edition, USA
  • Poesía a varios tiempos, Poetry CD, 2009, NY
    • De amor, desamor y otros infortunios: Porque la vida es bastante moralista los lunes por la mañana, Poetry, Object Book, 2008, USA
  • Because the Flame is Alive, Prose and Poetry, 2007, US and Canada (Bilingual Edition)Sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters and published in the US and Canada.
  • Pacto del Girasol, poetry, 2004, USA
    • Semillas de Paz,
    2000, CD de poesía, Miami, USA
    • Alas de Papel,
    Poetry. Editorial Educar, 1999. Prologue by Fernando Soto Aparicio, Colombia.
    • Preguntas sin Respuesta, Ministerio de Cultura, Colombia – Poetry, 1998. “Best Book of Poetry of the year”-Award by the Colombian Book Chamber. Prologue by Jotamario Arbelaez, Colombia. (5 editions published, more than 12,000 books sold).
    • La Mariposa y Bogotá, Short Stories, Colombia, 1998
    • Tesoro del Alma,
    Audio Cassette, Colombia 1998
    • Una Niña,
    Audio Cassette, Colombia 1997
    • Gatos Soñadores,
    Poetry, 1997, Object Book, Costa Rica and Colombia, Limited Edition
  • Las aventuras del camaleón, Short Stories, Colombia, 1996



Anderson Hotel, Copenhagen, DK 2016
Rigshospitalet solo exhibition, Copenhagen, DK 2015
“Lucid Screaming” Æter, Copenhagen, 2014
Video Screening of “Distintos Espantos” at The Americas Film Festival, The City College of New York, June 2014
“To Enter and Exit Through the Memory of the Living”, Rummet, Copenhagen, 2014
“Confessions (Auto confesiones)” Make the Road, Queens NY 2011
“Let the Lover Be” Public Assembly, Bklyn, NY, 2010
“The Call of Life”, Broadway & LRC Galleries, PCC NJ, 2004
“Pieces of Life” Sol Gallery, Coconut Grove, Miami, 2000


FALLING ON DEAF EARS Collective exhibit, Magenta Gallery, Copenhagen, DK, 2022
“No Surprises” collective video exhibition, Rummet, August 2014
“Revolution” Collective exhibit, Texas Firehouse, LIC NY, 2011
“Bushwick’s Open Studios” Collective exhibit, Brooklyn, NY 2011 (Lakapana Video Installation)
“Hell’s Kitchen Weekend Art Festival”, Collective exhibit, Times Square Center NY, 2010
“Art Talk” Collective exhibit, A Steamin’ Pipes show at Hiccup Media, LIC NY, 2009
“Coleccion Arte Latinoamericano” Collective exhibit, Ravel Gallery & Hotel, LIC NY 2009 – Present
Video Screenings by expoesía collective, Bilbao, November 2014, as part of the Expoesía 2014 Biennal.
The Armory Show, New York 2012
“24 Hour Performance Marathon”, Poetas en NY, New York 2008

Photo by Daniel Malpica


PERFORMANCE HISTORY: (very partial list)



Gröndals Hus, Os Pressan / UNESCO Worldtreading event, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2022
Runoviikko Turku Poetry Week, Finland, 2021
At the Fringe, Tranås, Sweden, June 2020
Helsinki Book Fair,
Finland 2019
At the fringe Festival,
Tranås, Sweden 2019
Festival Internacional de Poesia de
Medellin, Colombia, 2018
International Poetry Festival
Jonkoping, Sweden 2018
Copenhagen’s Book Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018
13 Festival Internacional de Poesia de Quetzaltenango
, Guatemala 2017
En las Fauces del Olvido, lanzamiento del libro por editorial La Impresora, Mexico 2017
Worldthreaders Poetry tour with Jotamario Arbelaez and Lalo Barrubia, Helsinki, Malmo and Berlin 2017
Festival de Literatura de Copenhague, Dinamarca 2017
Latinale Poesiefestival, Berlin, Germany 2016
Runokuu Poetry Festival, “Futurible”, Helsinki, Finland 2016
Festival Latinoamericano de Literatura, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015
Kælderlæsninger Poetry Series, Islands Brygge Bibliotek, Copenhagen, DK, 2015
Video Screenings by expoesía collective, Bilbao, November 2014, as part of the Expoesía 2014 Biennal.
Video Screening of “Distintos Espantos” at The Americas Film Festival, The City College of New York, June 2014
“No Surprises” collective video exhibition, Rummet, August 2014
The Armory Show, New York 2012
Poetas Latinos en NY, Feria del Libro Palacio de Minería, México 2012
Poe-See-Ah Poetry in Translation, Queens Museum of Art, 2012
“Neverstop”, Electric Set, on-going series, USA 2011
“Poetry in Translation” Queens Council of the Arts, NY 2012
“Mujeres Poetas en el País de las Nubes”, Oaxaca, México, 2011
“Serie de Lecturas”, Barco de Papel, NY 2011
“Encuentro Internacional de Poetas” Michoacán, Mexico, 2010
“New York Book Expo”, Queens Museum, NY 2009-Present
“Encuentro de Poetas en la Isla” Puerto Rico, 2009
“24 Hour Performance Marathon”, Poetas en NY, New York 2008
“Freshmen Orientation Ceremony”, Keynote Speaker, Kean University, 2008-2009
“Book Release performance series” Paris, Spain, Dublin, 2007
“Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour”, US, 2008- 2009

Other speaking engagements include UNESCO and UNICEF poetry readings, Verizon, Daimler Chrysler, Johnson and Johnson and workshops at universities and schools such as Georgetown, Franklyn and Marshall, La Guardia Community College, and Rutgers, as well as more than 100 interviews given to English, Danish & Spanish speaking media in the US and abroad.


Umbrella Literary Journal, October publication of a selection of poetry, translated by Mirek Bornar, Ukraine 2021

Bi-monthly articles and chronicles for Red Door Magazine, NY, 2009-present
•Kælderlæsninger. A selection of poets by Islands Brygge Bibliotek, CPH 2014

L.U.P.I La Unica Puerta a la Izquierda, Publishing House & Magazine, Spain, 2011

Poesía Sin Fronteras, Antología, Mi Cielo Ediciones, México 2011

XVI Encuentro Internacional De Poetas, Michoacan, Zamora, Mexico, 2010

Young People who Rock Feature, CNN’s Headline News, 2009

Keeping the Flame Alive, Retire at 21, USA 2008

Spirits in the Words Anthology, Daimler Chrysler Corp, 2004

Mujeres Poetas en el Pais de las Nubes, Antologia Coleccion Vidzu, Mexico 2001

Letras de Paz, Antologia, UNESCO, 2000


Poet in Residence, Kean University, New Jersey, 2009-2010

Cultural Ambassador of the City of Elizabeth, NJ, 2009

Live your Life Role Model – Award Winner, American Eagle Outfitters, US & Canada, 2006

Spirits in the Words 1st prize Poetry Winner, Daimler Chrysler Corp, 2004

Policarpa Salaviarrieta, Grado de la Gran Cruz, Asamblea de Cundinamarca, Colombia 2000

Best Book of Poetry of the year, Colombian Book Chamber, Colombia 2000


Red Door Magazine, New York, 2009 – Present
Red Door Gallery, Copenhagen, 2014 – Present.
Project Neverstop , 2011 – present.
Steamin’ Pipes, Art Collective, LIC New York, 2008 – 2010
Poetas en Nueva York Art Collective, NY, 2007 – Present
Talents Association, NJ/NY, 2005- 2009
Cove-Rincon International, Art Collective, Miami, 2000 – 2004

ELIZABETH is also a member of the American Literary Translators Association, the PEN Danish Chapter and the International Center for Women Playwrights.