An immersive experience called life…

Dear worldthreaders,

I am embarking on another phase of this year’s adventures, one that is truly and fully neverstop, in that it encompasses not one but several aspects of creativity simultaneously, which allows for a constant conversation between all its parts. How does this work? Well, I see poetry as more than a fleeting thought, a very visual concept, which is easy to transform into imagery with say, illustration, collage, animation, or more amazingly, in our current world, by feeding such capsules of information to artificial intelligence in order to extract its interpretations as images. This is how that looks like:

The photographic quality combined with dreamy textures and dramatic looks serves not just to completely activate my imagination, but also as references for new written material. Ideally maybe a combined album of soundscapes, visuals and poetry interconnected and presented as a multimedia installation. The AI is called Mid Journey and it is in its beta mode, but what I appreciate of it is that I can pretty much enter my poetry directly and then it visualizes it. The few photos you see here are characters I am creating for a world of my own.

In more practical info, here’s other immersive stuff:

-Red Door Magazine is turning 13 years old, and Red Door gallery is simultaneously having a birthday of its own, so I have put the two together into a one-day event this August 27, 2022 at the gallery (Møllegade 23 a kld, 2200 KBH N), and there will be live music, multilingual performances, a new, limited edition Red Door shirt, drinks and art objects and books, good friends and so on, from kl.13 to kl.20 so do join us if you’re in town.

-Coming up this Aug 30 and until the 4th I will be in Turku, Finland, forming an alliance of publishers, performers and poets in the Nordic region, giving workshops on multimedia art, podcasting, and you know, reporting back to you with the fruits of our efforts.

-I will be returning this September to Mexico, more specifically to Mexico City, and sharing the stage with the wonderful poets Tanya Cosío (cultural organizer, publisher, editor) and Pita Ochoa (poet and member of the infrarealists movement). Additionally, I am really happy to share that I have been invited to speak at the IASA (International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archive) for their yearly conference, which this year will take place in the National Phonotheque of Mexico, to speak, well, of course, about my Poetic Phonotheque (what better place to do so), and share the ways our community intertwines in many languages and media through audiovisual poetry. Podcasts, articles, videos and more will be shared along the journey.

-Early November I will be giving a workshop to master students at the University of Copenhagen, on multimedia creations, video, animation, short film and of course, field recordings and sound poetry. I can’t wait!

-On the 20th of November this year’s issue of NATURE & CULTURE – International Poetry Film Festival takes place at Husets Biograf, and I am soooo excited to share this event with you, for we received around 500 films this year, from poetry short films to animation, experimental, documentaries and more. Save the date!

These are the activities of this poet coming up, all of which I am immensely grateful for as they occur simultaneously as my master studies, meaning the schedule is busy, the budget is limited, but the heart is bursting with desire to learn, connect and neverstop. To all of you who give your support via PATREON, thank you for giving me a much needed push to continue focusing on creating and worldthreading… and if you haven’t joined me on Patreon yet, please consider it, so I can strengthen all these projects and keep creating spaces, events and opportunities for our communities.

Love and poetry always,

Madam Neverstop.

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