NEVERSTOP: The Manifesto

I declare my existence to be free of state and economic boundaries, and I pay respect only to those who come together to burn the veils blinding us. Those who accept the moment of exchange and know that that in itself is a product, those who understand that excess is imbalance and do not submit to the extremes instilled by this society, those who as a guiding principle in their daily interactions practice exchange, and lead life as a work of art, the worldthreaders who accept no flag nor citizenship because the world is our home, each day our canvas, the freaks who relate to this and know that there needs to be a better way, because this reality, this society, this system, is not an option. I declare my existence an art performance and each one of my movements a product of this performance. As a living, breathing, and constantly changing work of art, I demand a dignified existence.

To clarify: I declare my totality to be a never-ending art performance project, titled “Neverstop”, and only to Neverstop practices shall I abide.

Inspired by the Roerich Pact, an international treaty dedicated to the protection of cultural values, I ask that it be recognized that the defense of my existence as a cultural work be more important than any military defense, as well as than any government, private or public institution and practice. Each one of my words and actions is the product of this life performance and therefore free of any nation or market’s interest. The collected symbols, encounters, actions and events are the living language of my performance and to be considered its products, therefore art by their own standing. The name of each and every one of my actions is Neverstop, the sum of all its parts a universal legacy, neutral and independent of combatant forces.

Pax Cultura: There is no greater value to you than my freedom and continued existence forever protected and unimpeded. There is no greater value to me than your freedom and continued existence forever protected and unimpeded. For this reason I invite you to join me. There is no greater value to our society than unity through art. This is Neverstop.

*November, 2012, New York City.
I share this here as a reminder of my name, my purpose and my essence, and as an invitation for you to join me.

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