Would you like to come home? – The book! The book is here!

To many cultures, the number 33 has high symbolic value, often connected to death and rebirth. To me, 33 marks the conclusion of 5 years of reconstruction.For the past 2 years I’ve been sharing with you the process of this project I call my own Book of the Dead, a study on grief and transmutation (based on my own ancestral rituals, as well as Tibetan and Egyptian teachings), a conversation on becoming new selves and rebuilding after long periods of dormancy and loss.

It is a book accompanied by its own soundtrack under the same title, created along with Brandon Davis , Marie Mark Andersen and Gene Times and mixed by my better half, Dr.Hansen.It is a book with a preface by Beats Academic Oliver Harris, director of the European Beat Studies Network, and translated to German by Klaudia Ruschkowski.

It is a book released thanks to the encouragement of Phil Shoenfelt and Ralf Friel, and is printed in Germany via Moloko Print (Molokoplusrecords.de).To conclude my 33rd year, 10 days short of my birthday, I introduce you to my new poetry book, my Book of the Dead, “Would you like to come home?I will host a listening party at Red Door in the near future for those interested, but let me know if you would like to reserve a signed copy of the book or a set, as I only have a limited amount here in Copenhagen. Get your signed copy at www.reddoormagazine.com/shop or through Moloko.

Viva la vida! Viva la poesía!

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