Poetry takes over…

Dear friends,

the”Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival” I’ve been directing through the Poetic Phonotheque in collaboration with Kulturhuset Islands Brygge here in Copenhagen, is happening this Sunday, November 21 and 28. A digital version of the festival will be available from November 20 to the 30th at http://www.poeticphonotheque.com

First of all, allow me to introduce you to the publication of “Nature & Culture” International Poetry Film Festival, created as a collaboration between Kulturhuset Islands Brygge and Poetic Phonotheque with the support of Københavns Kommune.

Cover art and poster art by @leo.e.flores
Interior design and illustrations by @fetch_grafik
Art by @rita.howis

Essays, environmental poems and all the 128 films participating in the festival are part of this publication, printed locally on recycled paper and awaiting you this Sunday at the festival.

Reserve your copy at http://www.reddoormagazine.com/shop

Second of all, the program! You can see the trailer, the digital version of the book and the details of the program at https://poeticphonotheque.com/events/kbhpoetryfilmfest/

This is how it appeared on Red Door Magazine #28

Reserve your FREE tickets for the festival following the link here: https://kulturhusetislandsbrygge.kk.dk/en/node/68

Last but not least, the reception it is already receiving. I am happy to share that Politiken, one of the main newspapers in Denmark, has included the festival in its 5 recommendations of poetic things to do this weekend. (see? poetry is blooming most recklessly. I love it!)

Here’s an interview I gave to Bryggebladet this week which shares my story, my connection to poetry, why I started the Poetic Phonotheque and most importantly, what this collaboration with Kulturhuset Islands Brygge represents, for poetry in a local and international level, and for our community, having access to these projects and events without paywalls nor disruptions.

Bryggebladet, Nov 18 2021

The team effort to make this festival a reality has been a wonderful thing to experience. I am grateful to Kulturhuset Islands Brygge for opening the doors to my concepts, ideas and projects, even though they might sound a bit “niche” in comparison to the common entertainment found all around us. I am especially grateful to Morten, Mads, Henrietta and Solveig for their countless hours of work, as well as to Rikke for the design and illustrations of the book and to Leo Flores for the beautiful posters that adorn the book and give identity to this festival.

Let the poetry takeover begin!


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