Would you like to come home?-cd first look

 This ninth of June, “Would you like to come home?” will be released by Moloko Plus Records. It is the first of two releases under the same name, the other being a poetry album, to come out under Moloko print. 

This week, I received my copies of the CD, a feeling of dopamine very specifically connected to the satisfaction of releasing a piece of work and knowing it no longer belongs to you, but to the world. 

The album consists of 13 pieces, created in collaboration with musicians Jevgeniy Turovskiy in Berlin, and Marie Mark Andersen / Brandon Davis in Spain. As I mentioned in previous posts of my Patreon blog, where I share exclusive content and the creative process of each of my projects, the album was visualized in the form of a spiral in a dream, when trying to figure out how to represent the content of the poetry book, a “book of the dead” written in cut-up technique during a series of trance-like sessions of poetry to bring together the fragmented pieces of a heart clouded by grief through the symbolic adaptation of bardos for our current world. 

Innerfold of the CD – Illustrations from the book “Would you like to come home?”

The process felt like digging in with bare hands through the mud to pull out coal from within, not with the intention of sharpening it and turning it into diamonds as is often the practice, but of transmuting it into a free collection of particles that can now return to the universe and take new forms. What I mean is, grief, sorrow, rage, anger, despair… all these emotions coagulate so deeply within us they weigh us down and make us heavy and unable to swim through life at our full potential. And so with this body of work I hope to help ease the process of healing, both through the encoded poetry that guides passage, as well as with music that accompanies the process and can be seen as a trip of its own.  

My home studio in Denmark, where I made the album since lockdown didn’t allow for use of our music bunker.

The album was created during the lockdown in these three cities following the concept of the spiral and assigning emotions / sounds / stories and imagery to each composer based on the bardos, so that their interpretation could flow and then it would be them directing the spaces where the poems of each song should be. From what they tell me, each of the musicians involved also took this as an opportunity of personal search and the approach to non-traditional practices for channeling music.

Even Dr. Hansen, who mixed and mastered the album at STC studios in Copenhagen, made sure that this 24hr long session took place under a full moon, (the first super moon of 2021), an experience that brought very personal and emotional moments and visions of release to my heart. An added cool factor is that STC studios is also the place where Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson and Ebe Oke recorded their Dokument #2, but there are many other great musicians and friends who’ve brought their music to life in this temple of sound. 

Mastering “Would you like to come home?” at STC studios on a full moon of 2021

This body of work honors the memory of two beloved, complicated, beautiful creatures I once had the fortune of sharing my life with and who chose to go almost simultaneously in July 5 years ago,  each in a different continent, both of equal stronghold in my story. Henrik “Heinzz” Malm, my late husband, a musician from Denmark… and David Vanegas, “Hechicero” (The Magician), a Colombian-American musician and shaman whose birthday is the 9th of June, the reason why my two releases of music as Madam Neverstop have come out on that date. So you see, there was indeed a big process of release and transmutation to be done in order to be ready for this new world as one entity. 

STC studios, KBH Denmark

My gratitude goes to Dr. Hansen, Ralf Friel, Oliver Harris, Phil Shoenfelt, Jevgeniy Turovskiy, Brandon Davis and Marie Mark Andersen for their help in manifesting this album, and big thanks to Koda Kultur for their support, which allows for independent artists like me to focus on the music.

Reserve your copy directly via Moloko: http://www.molokoplusrecords.de/
Or follow me on Bandcamp for the upcoming digital release: https://madamneverstop.bandcamp.com/
Give your support via Patreon at: www.patreon.com/madamneverstop

Back cover of album
Would you like to come home? Track 12 of the album, by Madam Neverstop.

P.S: Promotional material for this includes postcards from the photography session with Zarko Ivetic done in Marielyst (where the book was written). Patreons of 6 eu and up will soon be receiving a signed postcard. 

Moloko promotional postcards

Viva la música!

May it keep your heart dancing!


Madam Neverstop.

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