Content is key

Three things.

1. A Magazine.

2. A Podcast.

3. A Gallery.

Those being the main platform of all of my networking / documentation work at the moment, since the pandemic removed the performance aspect completely (and the rest of the creations revolve in the artistic field rather than the cultural organizing). 

My constant search for good content curated around subjects and topics of both relevance and interest, brings both an insane amount of work, and an insane amount of satisfaction. From intimate conversations with personalities I would otherwise never get the chance to interact with, to the linking of like-minded minds and the birthing of collaborations and new projects through the collective efforts of others in a similar “game” as me. Or what do you call this… existence. 

So, for now, three updates:

1. Red Door Magazine issue #26 is now available in printed format for the collectors, and it looks incredibly beautiful. I learn more and more about the formatting and publishing process through each issue, and in this one specifically celebrate the collaboration with Martin Andersen, a Danish illustrator who said yes to combining his skills with the poetry submitted for what I imagine as a collectible book of illustrations and poetry in the future.

Then there’s the collaboration with Argentinean illustrator Leonardo Flores, who filled the rest of the magazine with incredible illustrations, such as the ones accompanying the article by climatologist Jason Box:

And of course, the featured artist, David Van Gough, who provided exclusive new art from his upcoming show for this issue, and whose fans actually took a good amount of the magazines home upon his announcement of the publication being available:

The magazine can be acquired here, and I recommend checking out the previous issues, as there’s still some available of 25 and 24, and they’re equally visually enticing.

2. Red Transmissions Podcast: Episode #35 is now available for listening via the website or through your favorite podcast providers, such as iHeartRadio, Pocketcast, ApplePlay, Spotify, etc. This issue introduces a most excellent character named Andrew Singer…

Poet, translator, educator, cultural organizer, and director of Trafika Europe Research, the project of international documentation of literary activity in Europe through a radio station, podcasts, publications and events. This is also the episode in which we officially announce our partnership, meaning the Red Transmissions Podcast episodes relating literature of relevance to the organization will be also streamed on their radio station, as well as provide a platform for the promotion of music, spoken word, experimental poetry and other material relating literature in Europe. I am excited and looking forward to seeing what this looks like.

3. A Gallery happening has just taken place at the new location of Red Door, finally. Which makes me happy, because this year under pandemic lockdown has made me miss not just performing but also organizing events at Red Door that involve various performative elements, and you know, poetry in every aspect. But now, for 24 hrs on the 25th of March, Red Door served as the incubator, from where  artist Andreea Vlad celebrated her 33rd birthday by drawing a portrait of herself every hour. You can read more about this on the gallery’s website.

Those are the immediate updates, but in a NEVERSTOP lifestyle, there’s always something cooking. If you enjoy these initiatives and would like to give your support, please join me on PATREON.

I will be spending the weekend at the studio with Doktor Hansen, mastering my upcoming album “Would you like to come home?” and I cannot wait to share this with you.

Love and poetry,

Madam Neverstop.

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