La revolución es cultural!

“The revolution is cultural!”
-Ricardo León Peña Villa.

Here we are, our path covered in golden and mars-red leaves, for another edition of Autumn, this time brought to us exclusively by the very chaotic 2020.
I have, in spite of the static and stillness, been neverstopping, as you might have expected. And by that I mean I have been busily worldthreading, through Red Door Magazine, the Red Transmissions Podcast, my very own Patreon and of course, the Phonotheque.

So first things first! Red Door Gallery returns to a physical reality in Copenhagen, in the most poetic street of the city, at a location that for the last 9 years already vibrated with poetry, so I am certain the vibes are just right. I can feel them when I arrive and begin to set up the art, books, records and plan the shows. Red Door will be in Møllegade, in Nørrebro, that area of Copenhagen making headlines lately for being so trendy and must-see, etc. A longer post about this coming soon.

The new issue of Red Door Magazine has arrived, and boy, does it look beautiful.

Issue # 24 of Red Door Magazine is now available digitally (and physically, freshly arrived from Sweden), featuring the art of the wonderful Mayuko Fujino.Our correspondent from Australia, Melaine Knight aka The Neon Rebel, chose the theme of the magazine this time should be “Visualize”, which led to a beautiful interpretation of the subject by those who submitted content.See the issue now at:
Also featuring an interview with renown infographics artist Jaime Serra, whose work documents the intimate realities of the world around him. That’s visualizing in a whole new way!Additionally, an article featuring Tempo Nauta (Rafael Franco Steeves) and his interview for Red Transmissions Podcast talking about ADJUNTO, the short film directed by Felix Pineiro. This issue celebrates the arrival of At the Fringe 2020 – Stay at home edition, which will also be documented through the podcast and magazine. But that’s not all! This issue includes beautiful illustrations by Muriel Fonseca, photography by Frank Guiller, and the poetry of:RELU CAZACU ranslated by NICOLETA CRAETERomania George Mario Angel QuinteroUS / Colombia KELLY MARTINEZCuba MARIA ELENA BLANCOCuba Aleisa Ribalta GuzmánCuba / Sweden DIANA CONCHADOUS MADHUMATHI. HIndia RICHARD TEMPLEWales ALISA VELAJAlbania VIDYA SHAHKARIndia See the issue online at: www.reddoormagazine.comor order your collectible printed copy, for 100 dkk aka 14 euros aka 15 usd, (plus shipping), which I will send out from Kultivera next week. Thanks to everyone who participated in this issue!


I have just returned from Tranås, for a wonderful time At the Fringe, an international festival (yes, we self-distanced, yes, it was virtual, only performers attended, we virtual-reality’ed our ass off! and yes, we took precautions) that for several years has been bringing together artists in various media and from all over the world to gather in Sweden and exchange ideas, projects, voices, for a most wonderful time.

One of the greater satisfactions was giving this talk (in spite of a few digital hiccups, which actually made us have to start 3 times, a very new and funny experience since the physical audience was witnessing this so I couldn’t repeat myself, but the virtual audience didn’t so I had to find ways to re-communicate what I had prepared 3 times). I called it “Poetry in Multimedia, the Neverstop way” because it is strongly based in my story and my identity as a poet, and how this has morphed and developed into the many tentacles of my always rotating, always neverstopping, always all-the-way existence. 

See the full video here: 

I also had the opportunity of giving a panel discussion moderated and shared with Jonas Elleström, Lucy Durneen and Christer Boberg, which revolved around the concept of “Meetings” and what it is that we do when we do what we do which is creating, networking, and organizing. More importantly, how to do what we do when we can’t due to new restrictions and other impossibilities. I think it was a very productive talk although I think I need to process the information a bit more, because it left me with more questions I would like to expand on in the future: 

Then there was this poetry reading:
where I shared the stage with the wonderful poet, cultural organizer and magazine director Aleisa Ribalta, the writer Lucy Durneen and Dr. Siham Jabbar, who read her poetry in Arabic and whose translations were read in English by Dominic Williams, host of the poetry evenings, cultural organizer, and poet, who also leads a festival in Wales.

Coming soon, a series of interviews I recorded for the podcast during my stay in Sweden, beginning with the award-winning poet Bengt Berg, which you can now listen to via iTunes, Spotify, most podcast providers, or the Red Door website.

To receive a copy of the magazine, a t-shirt, a cap, or any of the other products mentioned on this site, visit or become a subscriber of my patreon and give your support to all these projects.

More updates coming soon. Stay tuned!
Love and poetry,

Madam Neverstop.

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