August finds me threading the world

Summer arrives and soon enough we are past the first six months of the year. A year which, by society’s standards, is tough when you look at it from any angle. I cannot begin to process the amount of uncertainty, sorrow, loss and trauma being experienced in every country of the world due to the pandemic, and I have spent a lot of time paralized staring out a window trying to figure out my role in all of this. I’ve also spent a decent amount of time arguing with racists online, but that’s probably my own fault for not going out for walks more often. Slowly, things begin to clear up, and soon I can share with you news of publications and performances. But to begin, I’d like to take this moment to invite you to join my patreon platform and give your support to the following projects and to my writing/art/worldthreading.

-Regarding the latest updates of RED DOOR MAGAZINE, I am delighted to share that issue #23 (the LANGUAGE issue) is now available online, and it turned out to be quite a publication, with over 70 pages of content – in various languages – discussing languages and identity, as well as the very current subjects of acknowledgement of race disparity in our society, with a focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and its urgent call for action.

The featured artist is Serena Saunders, a Philly resident whose art documents the lives and struggles of her community, through vibrant colors and messages of hope.

Issue #23

Two fantastic interviews I had the chance of publishing and releasing as part of the RED TRANSMISSIONS PODCAST are:
-Interview with New York artist Ethan Minsker, who is currently promoting his film “The Man in Camo”
-Interview with King Khan, creator of the Black Power Tarot in collaboration with visual artist Michael Eaton and with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s guidance.
The issue includes poetry and essays from Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and India among otherplaces, and a special feature of photography documenting the BLM marches in New York by photographer Oveck Reyes.
So if you haven’t done so yet, head on over and feast your eyes on this issue!

-If you are a poet, your voice is still needed at THE POETIC PHONOTHEQUE, which will soon have its first 100 audio recordings of poetry in their original languages, in the voice of their authors, as a virtual collection you can always enjoy from the comfort of your home, whether or not there is a lockdown, because poetry should always be playing.

-Now, when it comes to the podcast, my most recent guest is a madhatter. Well, she’s a nomad, entrepreneur, film & TV producer/developer, and after years of traveling the world, she’s now Aegean Dream BnB, settled in Tinos, a Greek paradise with the most exquisite mountain views in every direction, small villages and beautiful dovecotes spread through the island, fascinating history and the most peaceful environment, inducive to say, write a play or a book. Listen to the interview, from Tinos, and plan your artist retreat with her.

Red Transmissions Podcast

-Due to COVID changes in what was going to be a very packed year of performances and events all over Europe, I’ve been focusing on updating, or better said, upgrading my knowledge through classes, from Danish to Media to UX, because I want to be able to provide the best support to the projects I am involved in, but also because the more I know, the better quality of the projects I present to my community. Since I’ve been studying this, I’ve also been talking about this with my friends a lot, and realizing that entrepreneurs, small businesses and artists are often in need of support, whether it comes to digital marketing and social media, or video and audio production, launching their own podcast or updating their CVs, portfolios and websites. However, not all of them have the capability of hiring an assistant whether it’s full or part time, nor the ability or time to do this themselves.

So I have created two new tiers on my PATREON platform, one which is focused on tutoring for those more into the hands-on, do it yourself styles, to teach a few times a week remotely programs and tricks designed specifically for the individual’s needs to advance with their projects. That one is called THE NEOPHYTE.
The other one, called THE ASSOCIATE is meant for those who definitely don’t care for social media, digital marketing, scheduling nor doing the routines of posting and creating content for online promotion, but still would like to strategize and have access to the option of an online audience and portfolio. Rather than tutoring, we video chat one or twice a month, and then I take care of these tasks for a few hours a month.

The prices are low because this is a limited offering meant for very specific people wanting to launch their careers and projects forward. If you feel this offer could benefit you, please sign up here for the respective tier of interest.

-Having said this, I conclude this message with a preview of my latest art series, a collection of Elements made as illustrations with acrylic, embroidery and ink on paper.

Love and poetry,

Madam Neverstop.

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