Worldthreading galore!

Dear you,
There are three things I’d like to share today regarding community collaborations and the ways independent projects keep worldthreading a kinder future.

The first one is a BERLIN based community radio station called KEITH, which is a project by a gallery called SP2 and a bar called Keith, owned by dear friends and fellow artists.
Today, Thursday, at 15 (UTC+2 time) or 9am NY time, you can listen to the most recent episode of the Red Transmissions Podcast, an interview with J. Edward Keyes, Editorial Director of Bandcamp.

You can listen to it here.

This episode is an interesting conversation where I had the opportunity of asking J questions that I have many times before wondered about as a musician and as a member of a band. How to write about one’s own music properly, where to pitch it, how to promote it online and offline… and who better to ask than one of the leading online platforms of the industry? “Cutting through the Noise” will air again on Keith this 21st of June, and from now on, my podcast joins the regular programming of this station, together with many great DJs, musicians and weirdos who are working together to build an awesome station during lockdown there.

See their kickstarter project to see what I am talking about. They just matched their goal, but there’s still some hours of it if you’d also like to donate. A part of my collaboration with Keith includes having them as collaborators of Red Door Magazine from now on, starting issue #23.

The second collaboration comes from TRANÅS in Sweden, where a wonderful cultural organization called Kultivera, which organizes a Fringe Festival, Poetry Slams, publications and other cultural projects, has joined the team of contributors of Red Door Magazine, starting with issue #22 (the media issue), and will be introducing a series of articles from the art community in Sweden and the projects they host there.

You can read this first article, written by Frank Bergsten about the poet and Literature Curator Dominic Williams, along with other excellent articles, poetry and the art of Andrej Konopek in Serbia, on this issue of Red Door Magazine:

Last, but not least, is my Patreon campaign, which now enters its third month. I am close to reaching my first twenty supporters, and would like to invite you to join me in this platform as a supporter, so that projects like the Red Transmissions Podcast, Red Door Magazine and the Poetic Phonotheque can continue happening with your support. None of these projects are sponsored by any organization nor have ads, to keep the message clean from clutter, (a decision I made in 2009 which I still strongly stand by) but this requires a big economic investment from my part, which is why I am asking you to give me a hand.

In exchange, apart from sharing exclusive updates about my work, video interviews, poetry streamings, book downloads and a free copy of my new album Transgressions for the Public Service (Out on Bandcamp June 9), you also have the opportunity to receive original art, illustrated postcards, prints, stickers, pins and other goodies… As well as having the satisfaction of supporting this independent creator, cultural organizer, and neverstopping worldthreader.

Pledges start at 3usd a month, and from 6usd and up you can also be a collector of my work, and receive illustrations such as these:

I created these illustrations in Marielyst, South of Denmark, (where the picture on the top of this post was taken, actually) the past month. I made them on a thick watercolor paper, with acrylic paint, ink and embroidery (can you see the beautiful contrast of the thread on paper?), and the first round, which were the size of postcards, have already all gone to my patreons at a contributor level or higher (12usd and up).
The size of these illustrations is 20 x 14.5 cm and would look great framed, possibly with a glass to protect the thread and paper.

These are currently sitting under heavy literature to flatten the paper again (as you can see they’re a bit curvy right now due to the paint), and once that’s done, one of them could be shipped straight to your home. This is a limited offer as I only made 8, and all you have to do is join my Patreon at a contributor level or higher, to receive your own one of a kind original.

Become my patron here.

Thanks for your support, and keep on worldthreading!

Madam Neverstop.

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