A special invitation to you…

Dear allies, friends, fellow creators and supporters of my work,

Today, I have a very special announcement to share with you.
I’ve been beesy editing the video above and building up the specifics to finally feel ready to extend this invitation to you:
I have joined the PATREON community of artists, an ongoing subscription platform for independent creators, which allows them to focus on their artistic work and cover the expenses involved in these processes, through the support of their community.

In order to facilitate our coming together in this platform, I have created a series of membership levels, together with layers of goodies and access levels, from early announcements and sneak-peeks of my projects, to Q&As and live-streamed performances every solstice and equinox. I have designed it to be a more immersive experience where we can build our communication and you can receive great digital content, as well as physical objects such as typewritten letters, postcards, pins, prints… and even originals of my work.

The main objective of this Patreon strategy is to be able to continue the Red Door Magazine, Red Transmissions Podcast, and the upcoming reopening of Red Door Gallery in Nørrebro’s lovely literary area, and covering all the expenses these projects entail, from software memberships, domains, hosting, and gallery rent, to art materials for me to get more of the important work done.

It is of high importance that all of these platforms, from the magazine to the podcast, remain accessible free of charge to the community internationally (as it has been for over ten years) as well as free of ads, because art, activism & culture deserve to be able to reach everyone equally. But this doesn’t mean that it is cheap, and in these challenging times, I will welcome all the help I can get.

I invite you to check out the Patreon site and choose for yourself how you’re willing to lend a hand. My gratitude will be always with each one of you, so in advance I thank you for supporting this.

Ah, yes, additional announcement. I’m releasing an album! It is ready for you (official release is in June), and the first 50 patrons will receive a download code upon arrival. It is a compilation of my music/poetry/ritualistic enchantments in Spanish and English titled “Transgressions for the Public Service”… and I can’t wait for you to listen to it!

Here’s wishing you a calm and patient spring as we continue reaching internally for the strength needed to cope with these times. I hope that my art and the content of Red Door and Red Transmissions Podcast can help soothe your heart through this process.

Thank you for your attention, your support and your kindness.

Love and poetry always,

Madam Neverstop.

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