What is community?

The way I see it, there are two key components to leading a life of satisfaction and fulfilment. (or in a less-happy-go-lucky lexicon: contentment). In the past, I’ve called the first component a “realizing what colors define us and painting our world accordingly”, but in a more to-the-point explanation I’d say that it is finding that which gives us purpose. A meaning. A role.
We can begin the search of this by asking ourselves, what is it that makes me whole / unique / happy / content / inspired?

The second component is less bulls-eye, because it requires looking around and trying to figure out how we fit into this puzzle called life. Where do we stand, what do we care for / are affected by, how can we make a difference? What can we give back to the world?

So this post is all about community. Because no matter how individualistic, introvert or antisocial, we still need one another to make it through this wondrous journey.

A Good Community recently interviewed me about this. It’s a very in-depth interview about my role in the arts & culture environment I am a part of, my writing, and beyond my background and story, what roles artists and communicators have in the current social landscape. Please click on the image below to read the entire interview.

Photo by Zarko Ivetic.

I found A Good Company last year in my search of accountability and sustainability for my personal actions, including being a poet. Oh the amount of paper we use! So I’ve been enamoured with their stone-paper notebooks, and engaging with “A Good community” in various ways. It is inspiring to see how individuals can come together to make this world more liveable.

The article includes photographs by Zarko Ivetic and Robert Butcher. Thanks to A Good Community for sharing my story.


Now, this second part of my post is a bit more zoomed in to my location.

As you know, Australia has been ravaged by fires and thousands of species have been affected, as well as humans and the actual landscape. Although the media reports that these fires have finally been contained, there’s still so much to recover from!

Anika Vinson from Heaps Good Cafe is organizing a fundraising event HERE IN COPENHAGEN to raise funds in support of indigenous-run organizations, emergency and long term animal protection organizations and people who are working on the ground and know what is needed in the future to protect rural communities from future climate disasters.

The event will take place this 6th of March, and local orgs and individuals have joined forces to help this event raise as much as possible.

For this reason, I’ve donated an entire set + 2 framed illustrations, a total of 8 individual pieces, all to be auctioned that night. Let’s show Australia some love, shall we?

The illustrations are all handmade, with mixed media (thread, ink, needle work) on watercolor, part of a series titled An oracle of Entanglements. If you are in Copenhagen, I look forward to seeing you there.

If you are NOT in Copenhagen, please consider donating to the following organizations:

NSW Rural Fire Service linktr.ee/nswrfs

WIRES WILDLIFE RESCUE www.wires.org.au

—We Animals Media is a global media agency dedicated to making visible the lives of animals trapped in the human world. Founded by Jo-Anne McArthur.linktr.ee/WeAnimalsMedia


The way I see it, our community is as powerful as the will of each one of us to make it so.