NEW BOOK: Det usynlige sår

Poetic Service Announcement:

Throughout this year, I’ve been working on a project that means a great stepping stone for me, as it marks my existence as a writer in Denmark and opens the doors to the audience here and the opportunities this represents.

Malene Boeck Thorborg has done an amazing job translating poems from my last 5 books from Spanish to Danish, and discussing each line, each metaphor, with such respect and care that I am certain it mirrors the original quite loyally. She previously published a translation of Gabriela Mistral’s selected works, and plans to continue visibilizing Latinamerican women in poetry by translating their work to Danish. I am so honored by her support and great effort.

My gratitude also goes to Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag, who welcomed my poetry and this project with open arms. It has been a delight to birth this book.

Det usynlige sår / La herida invisible is a bilingual selection of my poetry and also contains a series of illustrations accompanying each of the 5 segments of the book.

A book release event will take place in November, but the book can already be purchased through the publisher.

Thanks to everyone for your constant support and for celebrating this poetic achievement with me. 🌹


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