RedBubble shop update and discount code for you

Hi all,
I’ve updated my online RedBubble art shop, which customizes products with my work based on your order. That way, nothing is printed or made unnecessarily, it is carbon neutral and made in sustainable ways to ensure transparency and safe working conditions.

I’ve previously ordered sample products, from notebooks to cushions to clothes and scarfs, and I personally dig the quality of their products, so it’s something I can stand behind, plus I think a lot of it looks quite cute 🙂 (oh yeah, and they have partners in various parts of the world, so it’s reasonable shipping times AND nicely packed, too).

So, here’s the link: (and yes, all those are my designs)

…and here’s a 15% discount code, valid until Jan 23, which you can use not just on the products of my shop, but on all of the RedBubble products: RBC-B1512336AC

That way, you’re getting yourself something pretty, and supporting independent artists, too!


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