Publication in illustration directory… and new items on Red Bubble shop

Dear friends,

I’m happy to share that some of my illustrations have been published in Australia’s DRAWN Vol.3 Leaders in Contemporary Illustration, by Capsules Book Publishing.

This book features artwork from emerging and established talent from around the world and provides a unique insight into the creative process and lives of illustrators shaping today’s visual culture.

Editorial illustration, apparel and merchandise, poster and packaging design, book illustration and concept art are just a few of the many disciplines showcased in Drawn Volume.3. It is an essential guide for creative directors, design professionals, marketing and branding teams to expand their professional network and find new exceptional creatives to work with.

You can see my capsules portfolio here. All proceeds from book sales of Drawn Volume.3 will be donated to Book Aid International.

In other artsy news, I’ve updated the Red Bubble shop with new designs, so please feel free to check them out here.

More poetic news coming soon, but for now, wishing you’re all having a delightful summer.

Love and poetry,

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