In the Jaws of Oblivion / En las Fauces del Olvido


libro en mesa

on typewriter


Allow me to officially introduce you to my most recent book…
En las Fauces del Olvido, and if you flip it, In the Jaws of Oblivion, for this book is bilingual, and that makes me quite delighted, as so is my brain.

Most of the poems I write are in Spanish but I also write in English, and like to combine the two as completely different voices in my poetry. So yey for bilingual people!

The book is actually a second edition of En las Fauces del Olvido, as the first one was published with a different edition also by La Impresora.

This book, published in a limited edition of 200 and handmade with risograph prints in Puerto Rico by La Impresora, was then shipped to New York, and then delivered to Colombia where I was participating in the Poetry Festival of Medellin. Afterwards, I traveled with it to Sweden to participate in the Jönköping Festival of Poetry, and then returned here to Copenhagen, where I have presented it in several venues. What’s next? New York. And that will be that for this edition.

There’s still some copies left. If you’d like to get your hands on one, contact me.

Viva la poesia!



And here’s a screenshot from @LaImpresora , while they were making the book:
insta en progreso


All my love and gratitude to La Impresora for believing in my work and agreeing to my crazy proposals, and to Nicole and Amanda who are making an incredible project in the middle of a post-hurricane Puerto Rico, something I am very moved and inspired by.

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