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The future is remote. Where will it take you?

In the year 2020, there are already millions of people who no longer abide by the 9-5 Monday-Friday office lifestyle, and instead, carry their office in their backpacks while they explore the planet. An article from the NY Times from Feb of 2019 stated that in the US alone there were over 4.8 million Digital Nomads, a rising trend that promises to become the new normal.

But what exactly is a digital nomad? In general, digital nomads are people who work remotely. Many of them left behind the ideas of a location-based lifestyle and moved on to careers that would give them the flexibility to travel the world, while still maintaining a steady income. The most common careers for digital nomads are in the field of telecommunications, but many photographers, vloggers and influencers have found ways to market their names to create a nomad lifestyle for themselves.

What are the chances of finding a remote job? Although being a remote worker is becoming quite common, I can tell you from the research I have done for the last 6 months in many Facebook and LinkedIn groups, that it requires a lot of patience, a fine-tuning of your resume, some good references and the right amount of luck. This means that you might find a few gigs or jobs that are not the ideal position to begin with, but which will help you build a network and find out what you like and do not like about working remotely. For example, defining whether or not you enjoy crowded cafes and collective work spaces, or prefer a quieter office, at home or abroad.

Having the basic tools like a good computer, access to speedy WiFi, good headphones/microphone combo and an updated passport, is always recommended. I’ve learned that it is important to figure out what one’s top skills are so as to use these as a focus for finding a good remote job. A physical address and phone number are also needed for documentation and to be reached easily by your employer. What is most important is to develop the discipline to not just find a good and steady job, but to maintain it.

One last tip? Never forget to get a traveler’s health insurance if you find that job and decide to embark on your next adventure.

By Elizabeth Torres
Feb 20, 2020
For: Portfolio Sample.
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