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ELIZABETH TORRES: (Madam Neverstop) Bogotá, Colombia, 1987. Poet, multimedia artist, translator and speaker.

Her work intertwines poetry, visuals and soundscapes, language and performance, combining visions and concepts across various art forms and media. Elizabeth is a prolific author of over 20 poetry books published in various languages, most of them which she also illustrated, who has traveled to 30 countries throughout her career as part of cultural events and projects. Additional publications and projects related to her visual art and worldthreading projects are scheduled for the coming months, and invitations for collaborations are always welcome by sending an email. Elizabeth’s path as a poet began at an early age, moved to write by the social conflict of her native country, publishing her first books as a child and receiving a national poetry award for Best Book of Poetry of the Year by the Colombian Book Chamber at the age of 8. Soon after, Elizabeth became a political refugee in the United States, where she studied Media & Film and Fine Arts at Kean University, and expanded her career to speaking engagements using her story as inspiration of students and young people across the US and Canada. Elizabeth now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she directs Red Door Magazine and a gallery under the same name and the art & culture podcast Red Transmissions. She is also project coordinator for other initiatives in Europe and abroad.

Elizabeth is a frequent speaker at universities, poetry and cultural festivals and other events across Europe, Latin America and the US. Her most recent work is a compilation of poetry titled “La Herida Invisible / Det usynlige sår” translated to Danish by Malene Boeck Thorborg and published in Denmark by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag.

Coming soon, her books “The Ways of the Firefly” and “Would you like to come home?” translated to German by Klaudia Ruschkowski and published by Moloko Print, 2020.

Visual collaboration of my poem Distintos Espantos, created by Lalo Barrubia.