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ELIZABETH TORRES: Bogotá, Colombia, 1987. Poet, multi-media artist, translator and speaker.
Her most recent book, “En las Fauces del Olvido” (In the Jaws of Oblivion) was published in Puerto Rico by La Impresora, and then launched in Mexico and Guatemala, with additional presentations in Sweden, Finland, Germany and Denmark during 2017. A bilingual edition was printed in 2018 and presented in a tour in Colombia, NY, Sweden and Denmark.

An upcoming poetry anthology in Danish / Spanish will be published in the fall of 2019.

Elizabeth is the author of over 20 poetry books published in English and/or Spanish, and current translations to German, Sweden and Danish are on the works.

Elizabeth resides in Copenhagen, where she works as a writer and translator, and is the director of Red Door Magazine and Red Door Gallery, Copenhagen, as well as a founding member of NolitchX (Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange).

Previous achievements include having been the Poet in Residence at Kean University where she studied Media & Film and Fine Arts. Being the recipient of the National Poetry Award “Best book of poetry of the year” by the Colombian Book Chamber. Winning the Spirits in the Words poetry contest by Daimler Chrysler. Winning the American Eagle’s Live your Life contest.

Upcoming performances:
At the Fringe, Tranås, July 2019.

Book release: Copenhagen, Fall 2019.


Visual collaboration of my poem Distintos Espantos, created by Lalo Barrubia.